Propane Scooters Safety Gear Tips (2018)

NOTE/WARNING: Some regions or states require specific equipment and safety devices. It is, therefore, your entire responsibility to familiarize yourself with the exact laws of the region or state in which you ride and to comply with the applicable laws. Properly equipping your scooter and yourself is part of complying with the law.


It is true that not all regions or states require citizens to wear approved protective headgear when they ride a scooter or a motorbike, but common sense simply dictates that you should wear a CPSC, DOT, BSI, or Snell approved helmet. The vast majority of serious accidents involve head injuries, and you can avoid this if you wear a helmet. The authorized PROGO® dealer in your region may have different types of approved helmets on offer and can definitely recommend a model that suits your needs. In addition, know that it needs to fit correctly, and needs to be properly secured. Always ask your dealer to provide help with the adjustment of your helmet, or just follow the instructions provided with the product. Buckle up!

Protective pads

Wrist guards, knee pads, and elbow pads are usually not required by most regions or states. Again, this is a matter of common sense since you should wear protective equipment to help prevent injuries. The authorized PROGO Scooter dealer in your region may have a vast assortment of protective gear, including pads, and will definitely recommend great products if you ask them. Remember that the set of pads should fit correctly, comfortably, should not have any excess strapping and it needs to stay in one position at all times. Velcro® and any other protrusions are helpful when it comes to control and balance.


The shoes you wear when riding such a scooter should boast enough protection, support, and grip. The shoes need to have adequate laces or straps so that they fit well on your feet. In addition, pay attention to the possibility of getting your laces caught on different parts of the scooter or other objects. We recommend you to never wear sandals or ride barefoot when operating this type of scooter.


Always make sure you are seen. This is very important. Wear brightly colored, reflective clothing and helmets to make yourself noticeable. Again, make sure your clothing is not loose – so that it doesn’t catch on any moving parts or snags on different other objects.

Eye protection

Riding always involves dust, bugs, and airborne debris, so make sure you wear protective eyewear with protective lenses.


One of the most important safety advice you can receive is related to reflectors. They are devices specifically designed to reflect the light in a way that makes you visible. Such objects/devices will enhance the visibility of the scooter, and some states or regions may have laws regarding this.

NOTE/WARNING: Never remove the reflectors from your scooter. This may drastically reduce visibility. In addition, remember that reflectors should never be used as lights. Riding at night, dusk, or dawn is not recommended unless you have quality reflectors – it comes with a certain degree of risk to the rider.