Best Gas Scooters for Sale: Reviews and 2018 Buying Guide

To date, the main trend in the automotive industry involves the design and development of machines that do not pose a threat to the environment. As a general rule, electric models are included in this row, but there are also a large number of alternative clean fuels used for the machinery movement.

Therefore, the company ProGo from Los Angeles suggested the idea to produce a propane scooter, the operation of which is achieved by the use of propane. It has taken more than two years to get the propane scooter on the market. This scooter was created to offer the same performance as any traditional gas scooter but at the same time causing smaller negative environmental influence as electric scooters do.

ProGo PS3000 vs. the Competition

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Characteristics of ProGo PS3000

This propane scooter can carry loads of up to 200 lbs with its own weight of 35lbs. Its price is also not high – about $300-400, for which you will be offered a 25 cc four-stroke engine, disc brakes and easily replaceable container with 16.4oz of gas, providing a run distance of 48 to 64 kilometers per charge, or else two or three hours drive at a maximum speed of 20mph.

The design of this vehicle presupposes the existence of the steel framework as well as the front and rear brake disc type. The capacity of the propane scooter is 1.25 quintals. It has a rugged steel frame that is applied for comfortable carrying and storing.

Key features

Progo propane scooter

As to the key features, it is worth mentioning easy pull start, front and rear disk breaks and thumb throttle.

This scooter is lightweight; it has only 35lbs of dry weight. Its tires are only 8”. The manufacturer offers 90 days of warranty parts replacement. Another advantage of this development to electric scooters is a fast tank filling, which allows continuous movement of this vehicle from point A to point B for 3 hours. It is not necessary to recharge the battery every 6-8 hours in the Pro-Go propane powered scooter on the contrary to electric scooters. This makes this propane scooter a hassle-free means of traveling.

Furthermore, this scooter is easier to maintain.

ProGo’s 25cc four-stroke engine proved to be quieter than the high pitched screeches of the two-stroke engines that most of the gas scooters are equipped with. One more important factor to consider is the speed. Its speed is up to 20 mph and a range of up to 40 miles per canister. So, isn’t the benefit evident?

Advantages of propane

Propane cylinder cage

Of course, the first argument, which can cause “for” propane is the lower price of gas rather than gasoline. At the gas station, it is quite possible to fill the tank with poor quality fuel: gasoline may contain substances that increase the octane number of fuel – tetraethyl lead (it is poisonous to humans) or ferrocene (they would kill spark-plugs within a few kilometers). And propane is neither one nor the other. Why raise its octane rating? Propane’s octane number is in the range of 98-102.

Furthermore, gasoline contains many harmful additives that increase the octane number, but at the same time, have a bad influence on the human body. In propane, these components are missing, and when it burns, harmful emissions such as the combustion of gasoline do not pollute the environment. That is why ProGo PS 3000 is EPA and CARB approved, which makes it legal through the US and even in California, where many gas scooters are forbidden to drive, contrary to propane scooters since it’s emissions are super low. If we compare ProGo PS3000 with any electrical scooter, the main advantages are a quick change propane can, no long battery charge time and no expensive battery replacement


ProGo 3000 folding feature for easy carrying and stowage

Scooter ProGo PS3000 appeared on the market quite recently. As part of the trend of the last time, the engineers, of course, worked on ease of driving and the fuel consumption making it a propane-powered vehicle. This thing distinguishes it from other scooters and makes it even more attractive to customers, as propane turns to be the cheapest fuel nowadays and the most eco-friendly. However, there are some disadvantages of propane, as gasoline is supplied to the engine as a liquid mixture, and it occupies a smaller volume than propane. Hence, the propane in the cylinder gets a smaller fuel-air mixture, and from that, you know, drop the maximum power. The calorific value of the propane is less than gasoline. Therefore, the engine requires more propane by ten percent. Hence, higher fuel consumption per unit distance. Although, this factor is not critical and all other benefits of ProGo PS3000 are a good reason to choose this scooter as your vehicle.